Electroquest supply batteries for every situation (leisure, marine, car, motorbike, jetski, caravans. motorhomes, household batteries, golf etc) including the very best in chargers and accessories.

We are Distributors for Trojan Batteries – the best deep cycle batteries (see our dedicated website http://www.trojan-batteries-online.co.uk/), Lucas, Exide, Yuasa, Platinum, Odyssey, Vapex and more.

Electroquest has built a reputation for providing our customers with leading brand, quality batteries at a reasonable price. We can offer you batteries from major suppliers such as Lucas, Yuasa, VRLA, Energy, Trojan (Deep Cycle Battery), Odyssey, Energizer, UKB, Sanyo and many more.

In addition to our store in North Wales, we are able to offer you an online shop that is backed by very quick deliveries, ensuring you get your battery when you need it, including the Trojan Deep Cycle Battery.

Our staff have considerable experience and knowledge in the sector and will gladly help you with any of your enquiries, we pride ourselves on a very high level of service – unmatched by our competitors.