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Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Batteries

Electroquest stock only the best Mobility Scooter Batteries and Wheelchair Batteries, such as Haze 12v 12ah Gel battery for Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs.

The type of battery you choose for your mobility scooter or wheelchair will depend on the type that is already installed with the mobility scooter or wheelchair. Simple find out the capacity of the battery, measured in AH (amp hours). Many new mobility scooters and wheelchairs have a larger battery tray than the battery fitted, if this is the case, you can go for a larger capacity battery and extend how long your mobility scooter battery or wheelchair battery will go between charges.

Some of our batteries offer an alternative higher AH battery - these are carefully chosen to ensure that they will fit your mobility scooter or wheelchair, but offer you a mobility battery with greater capacity, giving you longer between charges and further distance you can travel.

Most mobility scooters and wheelchairs are fitted with two 12v batteries to create a 24v system. These are charged using an automatic 24 volt battery charger. Electroquest has a great range of mobility scooter battery chargers and wheelchair battery chargers. Together with replacement leads and clips required.

Our mobility scooter batteries and wheelchair batteries are from great manufacturers such as Haze, Sonnenschein and Lucas.

Standard Batteries (AGM) or GEL?

GEL batteries offer superior performance compared to the standard (AGM) equivelent but are a little more expensive.


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