Golf Battery Chargers

Our automatic golf battery chargers are the perfect companion for your golf trolley battery and golf cart battery.

Check out our full range of golf battery chargers, they are suitable for every type of golf battery.

They offer great value for money and will ensure that your battery is topped up once it is fully charged to ensure your battery is always ready for a round of golf.

Our golf battery chargers are available in 2amp, 2.3amp, 4amp, and 7amp versions, ensuring you have the very best battery charger for your golf batteries.

Important Information

We receive all battery size and type information from the manufacturers. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that this information is correct. You should always compare the batteries dimensions, polarity and terminal type of your current battery.

Contact us if you are unsure or call 01492 583444 and our team will be happy to help advise you.